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Understand the Difference: Transactional and Marketing Emails in Mautic

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When it comes to email marketing, understanding the different types of emails that can be used when you are communicating with your audience is a critical prerequisite.

Transactional Emails Vs. Marketing Emails

Here are the major distinctions between transactional and marketing emails that you should keep in mind:
1. Purpose: Transactional emails aim to facilitate a transaction or provide information related to a user's interaction with a business. Marketing emails focus on promoting products, services, or events to customers.
2. Content: Transactional emails are triggered by a specific action and are personalized accordingly while marketing emails cater to a broader audience with a range of content.
3. Consent: Transactional emails can be sent even in the absence of explicit consent from the recipient and need not provide an unsubscribe option. For marketing emails, the sender needs to adhere to spam regulations and require recipients' opt-in consent for receiving promotional content.

Working with Consent in Mautic

In line with GDPR and Anti-Spam regulations, businesses need explicit consent from recipients when sending marketing emails. On the contrary, for transactional emails, audiences' consent isn’t required. They can be sent even if a user opts out of marketing communications, making them a more reliable communication mechanism.

Key Changes in Mautic 5.0

From Mautic 5.0 onwards, transactional emails will be sent even if recipients have opted out of email communication. Transactional emails do not contain an unsubscribe header because it’s unnecessary to unsubscribe from crucial transactional emails.
However, it's essential to ensure that transactional emails primarily serve their intended purpose.

Complying With Regulations

Be careful not to blur lines by including promotional content within transactional emails. Attempting to pass marketing emails as transactional to avoid certain regulations can lead to penalties and impair your customers’ trust and, more importantly, your email deliverability.

Leveraging Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are invaluable in building customer relationships. They offer personalized interactions tied directly to a customer's actions.
In a carefully balanced way, they also offer up-selling or cross-selling opportunities. For example, personalized product recommendations in transactional emails (like purchase receipts or shipping notifications) can lead customers to explore more.
Moreover, transactional emails help project a consistent brand identity. They should resonate with your brand's essence, aiding in brand recall.


Transactional and marketing emails each hold unique and pivotal roles in email marketing. While marketing emails are designed to promote and engage, transactional emails facilitate seamless transactions and foster enhanced customer relationships. Understanding these nuances and tapping into their potential can empower your email marketing strategy with Mautic.
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Understand the Difference: Transactional and Marketing Emails in Mautic

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