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Explaining the Publish/Unpublish feature

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We all have seen the “Publish / Unpublish” feature somewhere on our Mautic journey, it is basically everywhere. In this article you will get to know how it works exactly, to which parts of Mautic it’s applicable, as well as some use cases to potentially inspire you to use this feature sooner or later. 

A screenshot of the publish/unpublish feature in Mautic

What does the feature offer

The Publish/Unpublish could also be named “Start of the published time frame” and “End of the published time frame”. It enables you to define a time frame in which the form, focus item, asset etc. will be available on your page. Once the time frame closes, the form etc. will disappear from the site and can now longer be accessed or seen by your website users.

Hint: The time frame you define is always related to the time defined in the system-configuration. If you have your instance running on UTC, all the Publish/Unpublish dates will also count as UTC dates.

Where you can use Publish/Unpublish

Here is a list where you can make use of the feature:

  • Assets
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing Messages
  • Emails
  • Focus Items
  • Social Monitoring
  • Point Triggers
  • Point Actions
  • Stages

All of the listed items support to be Published / Unpublish in a definable timeframe.

Use Cases

To get a clearer idea of how you can benefit from this feature, we have listed a few use cases. 

Sending Scheduled Emails

The feature enables you to plan your emails, i.e. newsletters being created a week before they should be sent out. We even have this use case covered in an KB article on its own, where details on the setup and usage are explained. 

Limited Time Focus Items

In this case we had a client who wanted to push the launch of his webshop by offering a 15% discount voucher for two weeks to everyone who visited the checkout page before the payment-Page. So we designed a Focus item that fits the client's corporate design and added a discount code valued at 15%, which was provided by the client. 

Then we set the publish date to the first day of the two week period and set the unpublish date to be the last day at midnight.

Landing Page for a short time

Another case in which the publish/unpublish feature came in pretty handy was a time limited Landing Page where the user could register themselves for a fashion collection. 

It was promoted through different marketing channels that this will be the only available occasion to get some clothes from the collection. So, we created the landing page with a form, and set the publish date to 6 pm and automatically had it unpublished at 7 pm. Worked like a charm!

Explaining the Publish/Unpublish feature

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