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Ruth Cheesley

Ruth Cheesley

Lead scoring best practices with Mautic

This article is based on an excellent YouTube recording of a talk that was delivered by Steve Robinson of Brilliant Metrics, at Mautic Conference Global 2022 - the full video is provided at the end of the article. Lead scoring is an effective metho... Read More

How do I stop a campaign running?

If you need to stop a campaign from running, you can unpublish the campaign. This results in: All campaign events associated with the campaign being stopped Any contacts who submit campaign forms when the campaign is unpublished will not be added to... Read More

What is Mautic?

Mautic is the world's first Open Source Marketing Automation platform. It was created by DB Hurley and launched in 2014 as an Open Source project under the GPL v3 license. You can find out more on our website,, or on Github. You can ... Read More