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Leon Elias-Oltmanns

Leon Elias-Oltmanns

Working with Forms in Mautic

Forms are one of Mautic's most important features, as they are used to collect user information and to identify them throughout the use of a cookie that is set on form submit. Forms are often used in conjunction with another core feature of Maut... Read More

How to create a segment

What are Segments? To start it off nice and simple let’s cover the basic function of Segments. In Mautic, Segments are used to easily organize contacts by grouping them using a variety of different filters and conditions. They are used to send ... Read More

How to create a drip campaign in Mautic

What is a drip campaign Drip marketing campaigns are basically email campaigns, which sends out different emails either based on time or on user decisions. The whole idea behind a drip email campaign is that you’re going to be sending out targe... Read More

Creating Campaigns

Creating campaigns involves picking a name, creating a description, and defining the segments to associate with the campaign. These campaigns can then be assigned a category and defined publishing information. Why use a campaign Most marketers think... Read More

Working with Mautic Categories

Categories are a way to organize different elements and parts of Mautic. They can be used to indicate affiliations between Segments, Forms, Campaigns, Assets etc. as part of one marketing campaign. Implementing a Category strategy majorly helps once ... Read More

How to send an Email at a scheduled time

In this article we will cover how to correctly schedule Emails to be sent out at a specific time and date, as well as other smaller things to watch out for when planning and setting up scheduled mails.  Setting up the scheduled Emails The whole setup... Read More

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