How do I stop a campaign running?

If you need to stop a campaign from running, you can unpublish the campaign.

This results in:

  • All campaign events associated with the campaign being stopped
  • Any contacts who submit campaign forms when the campaign is unpublished will not be added to the campaign (even if you subsequently re-publish the campaign)

If you then re-publish a campaign, the following happens:

  • All contacts from a source segment will be added to the campaign immediately, regardless of if they joined the segment while the campaign was published
  • Contacts who were in the middle of a campaign will continue with the campaign, however it is important to bear in mind that:
    • If an event in the campaign was scheduled to happen on a particular date and that is now in the past, this can cause problems
    • If you have time-specific communications (eg sent 3 days after an action is taken) this will not be correct if you have unpublished the campaign for a while

It's not recommended to edit in-flight campaigns by removing conditions, actions or decisions for example - even when unpublished - as this can lead to unpredictable behaviour. It's a much better approach to make a new campaign and funnel people into it who are in the old campaign.

Author: Ruth Cheesley - Jul 25, 2023. This article has been viewed 903 times.
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