Mautic and Amazon SES Troubleshooting

This Tutorial will help you to troubleshoot issues directly connected with Amazon SES and Mautic. If you have general Email related issues check this article.

1. You don't have production access

If you see errors in your log, like: ""Unable to Understand webhook payload" or similar, then Amazon SES is trying to tell you something. Most of the time it tries to tell you "You can't send email for a reason."

One of the reasons can be, that you are not out of Sandbox, and you have to request production access. In case you log in to the Amazon Console and open Simple Email Sending, and you see a warning like this:

it means you need to request production access. Until it's done, you can't send emails. Click on the button to get production access.

2. You didn't verify your emails / domains yet

You can only send from verified identites. You can list your verified identities in a certain region by clicking on the Verified identities link. (1).

  • You can create a new identity by clicking on the Create Identitiy button (2).
  • This is an unverified identity. You can't send emails from this address. (3).
  • You can send email from a verified identity, like this. (4).
  • This is where you can change your region. (5). Make sure this region matches your Mautic sending region

3. You are using the wrong region

As I mentioned above the regions have to match. Check if your region above and your Mautic sending region are the same. In this case both have to be Ireland.

  • Make sure you fill out a verified email address from the given region.
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