How to create a segment by matching part of a string

Matching part of a string

There are 5 filters you can use for matching part of a string

  • starts with
  • ends with
  • contains
  • like
  • regexp

The first three filters (starts with, ends with, contains) match strings as you enter it. The ‘like’ filter is for advanced users - you can specify which type you want to use with % character:

  • My string% is the same as starts with filter with My string value.
  • %My string is the same as ends with filter with My string value.
  • %My string% is the same as contains filter with My string value.
  • My string is the same as contains filter with My string value.

A few notes for text filters:

  • A % character in the middle of the string has no special meaning. When using the ‘contains’ filter with my % string Mautic will search for a string with % in the middle. The same is true for the ‘like’ filter with %my % string% value. There is no need to escape this character.

  • Mautic searches for % character in a value for the like filter and no modification is performed if at least 1 % is found.

You can use regular expressions in a regexp filter. Mautic recognises all common operators like | for OR (first string|second string), character sets ([0-9], [a-z0-9] etc.), repetitions (+, *, ?) and more. You have to escape special characters with \ if you want to use them as matching characters.

For more information about Regex: Learn more about regex here!

Author: Leon Elias-Oltmanns - Jul 11, 2022. This article has been viewed 1139 times.
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