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Share your tutorial!

Have you already got a finished article or tutorial that should be available in the knowledgebase for everyone? If so, please share it with the Mautic Community and make it public. To do that, just send the article or tutorial to [email protected].

We will handle the formatting and everthing else. If you have that tutorial/article already online on your own website we will give you a canonical link to prevent duplicated content!

To give you the recognition you deserve for writing an article, we will give full credit to the author as well as a backlink to your website at the end of each article!

How to Contribute

The articles in this Mautic Knowledgebase were written by people from the community. Thanks to their contribution, the knowledgebase grows prosperous. If you want to participate in the knowledgebase, you came to the right place! There are different ways to contribute, we listed them so that you can choose which one is best for you!

Write a suggested article

We have collection of articles that would be very useful in this knowledgebase. These are organized in a Jira board. If you fancy writing an article from this list, feel free to assign yourself to it and start writing. There is a Google Doc linked in each and every Jira issue which contains useful links and information. If you need help or guidance, don't hesitate to write me a message and I will help you getting started! Contact information is at the bottom of this article.

Our Jira board

Write one yourself

Do you have an interesting topic which is not listed on our Jira board? Then feel free to write it and contribute as detailed above in “Share your tutorial”. If you need help getting started or just anything that you need a hand with, send a message into the Education Team Slack Channel and we will help you as soon as we can!

Once you are finished, just send it to the Email address and we will take care of everything. :)

Outdated Content / Mistakes

If you find mistakes in an article or something which is just outdated, you can propose changes by yourself. To handle editing, we are using our GitHub repository.

The knowledgebase uses Git for a couple of reasons:

  • versions - anyone can go back and look at what the text looked like.
  • authorship - not only every file but every line has its author.
  • community contributions - no need to worry about deleting someone else's work while working on the same document

To Contribute using Github:

  1. Fork this repository at GitHub
  2. Select a file to edit on your fork
  3. Make your commits
  4. Open a pull request to base fork: mautic/documentation with base: master
  5. Include and reference any Issues your Pull Request addresses

Need a more precise explanation? Watch the tutorial above!

Link to the GitHub Mautic Knowledgebase Repository

Need help? - Write us a message:

Education Team Slack Channel: Click here

Email: [email protected]